POWER 2.3.19

Back Squat (6 x 2)

For this you will do one set every 4 min.  Add weight each time.  The first set should be after you already warm up to a heavy weight!

Only go as heavy as you can maintain good form.

The bar will be on the back.  You will raise the chest and tighten the belly to initiate the movement.  From here you will reach the butt back and down.  Keep the weight in the heels, chest up, and drive the knees out.  The goal is to get the butt lower than the knees at the bottom.  We must maintian a good back position that low though!!

Once you hit the bottom position keep reaching the chest up and drive the heels down and knees out as you stand!!

Take a big breath and re-set between reps.

Alternating Single Leg Deadlift (5 x 10 (5 Each Leg))

Alternate Working Leg With Each RepFor these you will use a barbell instead of the typical dumbbell in opposite hand.

We would recommend starting these by deadlifting the bar to the hips.

Plant the working leg.  Tighten the belly and lift the chest.  Pull the bar into the body and lower by hinging at the hips and allowing the bar to slide down the leg.  Keep the chest lifted and belly tight.  Keep the heel down on the working leg and reach the non working leg back slightly as a counter balance.

Allow the knee to soften on the initial descent and then actively bend it once you are past it.  Tap the weight under control and squeeze the butt to come up.

Alternate feet with each rep.

Glute-Ham Raises (5 x 5-8)

***This part is extra credit today!

If you have a GHD you may try these on the GHD.  DO NOT try to do the full version if you have never done these before.

The idea is basically a hamstring curl using your own body weight.

You will make sure the knee is securely on the back of the pad with the feet firmly between the rollers.  Ideally you will ONLY move from the knee joint and lower yourself down do parallel.  If this is your first time you will place a  box or bench or even a folding table there to help catch yourself and add assistance to help you push up as you come up.

AS you come up - try your best not to reach your butt back, but again only hinge at the knees!

If you don't have a GHD or aren't ready for these yet - they are REALLY hard btw.  You can do them on the ground with a partner holding your feet.

You can even do slow lowers with no pull up.  You can shorten the range of motion and just go part of the way down only.

Or, if you don't have a partner or a GHD you may sub 5 x 10 good mornings at a moderate weight.