Street Parking Meet Ups

Why do we say that Street Parking is an online fitness community, not JUST a fitness program?

Because even if you are working out at 5am in your garage, or your living room while your little one sleeps, or at the hotel gym while you travel... there's bound to be another SP member getting after it just like you are. And when working to change or improve your lifestyle - there is NOTHING more powerful than feeling like you’re not alone. So whether it’s at a local meet up, or one of our 3 yearly SP events, we highly encourage our members to get to know their online family in person.

Local meetups are held often at local parks, high school fields, even someone's garage so everyone can have a potluck BBQ after the workout! With a worldwide community - finding each other, supporting each other and being in this together is what the Street Parking family is all about.