OLY 2.3.19

Power Snatch (18 Min - 1 Every 90 Seconds)

For the power snatch reps you will want to warm up to a challenging weight before you start - nowhere near a 1 rep max, but something that is getting up there for you.

From here you can either stick with the same weight for all 12 reps, or you can go up a little after every few rounds as you feel good/comfortable.

For this movement your feet will start about hip width.  You will have a wide grip - and don't forget to use that hook grip.  Bar starts on the ground.  Your knees will be bent and chest just over the bar slightly/slightly behind.  Keep the heels down as you pull the bar off of the ground with straight arms and a flat back.  Use your back to pull the bar in close to your body as you stand.  Once past the knees - focus on jumping straight up and then shrugging up with the arms still straight.  After finishing the shrug the elbows will come high and outside to keep the bar in close!  Pull yourself under the bar slightly and punch to lockout in a partial overhead squat with the bar over the middle of the body.

Stand to finish each rep!

Snatch Pull (5 x 2)

For these you will use the heaviest weight you completed for the power snatch portion!

For this movement the focus is on strengthening the pull from the ground and keeping good positions as well as the hip extension and shrug.

As you stand focus on keeping the chest up, bar close, heels down.  Once you pass the knees pick up speed and transition to where you would jump the bar straight up (not forward and out).  Once you finish with the hips and the knees - add in the shrug - also straight up - not swinging the bar out.  Hold onto the bar and lower back down for the second rep.

Rest as needed between sets.