BUTTS & GUTS 2.3.19

4 Rounds
Not For Time

15 Banded Rotating Steps Right
15 Banded Rotating Steps Left
10 Single Leg Deadlift into 3 Second High Knee Hold Right
10 Single Leg Deadlift into 3 Second High Knee Hold Left
30 Russian Twists
1 Min L Sit (accumulate)

Score is weight used for SLDL - but don't lose form just to get a good score.  These don't need to be done heavy.

For the Banded Rotating Side Steps you will have the band around the knees - just above.  Stand with your feet in your regular squat stance or just a bit wider.  Plant your left foot on the ground and bend the knees slightly - push the butt back.  Rotate open an extra 45-90 degrees and plant the right foot.  Then bring its back to starting position.  Keep knees bent and left heel planted the whole time.

Complete 15 on one side then 15 on the other.

On the single leg deadlift make sure you are holding the kb or db in the opposite hand of the foot that is down.  Complete a regular single leg deadlift and then bring the knee up and kb or db up to the shoulder - hold for 3 seconds - then repeat.  Try not to put the foot down between reps.

Squeeze the belly and butt in that hold position.

On the Russian twists, use a weight that you can get through the whole thing in 1-2 sets.  Keep the shoulders and feet off of the ground.  Each rep is touching the dumbbell or plate on both sides.

For the L-sits, choose a method that you can hold for at least 20 seconds each time.  Accumulate 1 min each time.