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POWER 06/16/2019

Bench Press (7 x 3 + 9 Push Ups)

For this you will complete 3 Bench Press and then immediately get on the ground and do 9 BEAUTIFUL push ups.  Build up that stamina after blasting the strength.  It might seem too easy - until it's not.

Bent Over Dumbbell Row (3 x failure)

Dumbbell in each hand in the Bent Over Row position. 

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POWER 06/09/2019

Deadlift (20 Min for 10 Rep Max)

For these reps you will start with the bar on the ground.  Feet are under the hips.  Weight is in the heels.  Chest is up.  Knees are bent slightly.  Arms are straight.  Belly tight.

Weighted Pull Up Negative (6 x 5)

5 second negative weighted pull up

Ok guys, real talk - many of us will have to do this unweighted and still might have to lower the reps.  That is ok.

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POWER 06/02/2019

1 1/4 Back Squat (5 x 5)

All of the way down, part of the way up, back down, and UP!If you have been following the weekly power workouts you can refer back to May 20 of this year to get an idea of weight you should use for this workout.

Bent Over Row (5 x 10 (with a 3 second pause at top))

This 3 second pause will mean you need to go PRETTY light on these!  We want that hold to basically be where the bar is in contact with your body so even go empty bar if you need to.

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POWER 05/26/2019

Pause Bench Press (5 x 6)

3 Second Pause at the BottomFor these reps you will lay on the bench.  Pull the shoulders back and down and make sure you can have your heels down on the ground or on some plates or something.  KEEP the butt on the bench.

For Time:
30 Dips

Every time you break 10 push ups.
GOOD LUCK with that one.

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POWER 05/19/2019

Deficit Deadlift (6 x 5 (Building))

Deadlift while standing on plates or something that will add 3-5" to the pullRest as needed between.  Score is heaviest set.

Weighted Pistols (4 x 8 (Each Side))

Holding an object at the chest complete single leg squats.You will do an entire set of 8 on one leg and then rest a bit and then switch.

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POWER 05/12/2019

Shoulder Press (LIGHT 5 X 5)

Start light with these and use them as a warm up.

Shoulder Press (Heavy 5 x 3)

These sets should now be heavy!  Add weight if you are successful to find the heaviest triple you can get for the day.

(Every Minute on the Minute for 10 Min)

Even Minutes: 3-5 Strict Weighted Pull Ups
Odd Minutes: :40 Seconds Heavy Object Hold

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POWER 04/28/2019

Bench Press (5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1)

So today you are working up to some super heavy singles on the bench.  Only do this if you have someone to spot you or some sort of safety net!


400 Meter Heavy Object Carry for Time

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POWER 04/21/2019

Deadlift (6 x 5)

Add weight each set as long as you are still moving well.
Rest as needed between sets.

Weighted Hip Extension/Good Morning (5 x 8)

Use what equipment you haveFor these you will either hold a plate at the chest and perform the movement on a GHD or you will do a good morning with the bar on your back.

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POWER 04/14/2019

Back Squat (10 x 3)
For these reps the bar will be on the back.  Feet are shoulder width apart and before you start the squat you should make sure that the chest is up, and belly is tight!

Rest as needed between sets.  Shoot for about 2 min.

Weighted Pull Up Negatives (7 x 3)

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POWER 04/07/2019

Bench Press (7 x 3)

As always if you are benching alone make sure you do not put collars on the ends of your bars and don't go super heavy.  Wrap your thumb around the bar and use a spot if at all possible!!

Bent Over Row (5 x 5)

For this lift you will set up in a deadlift position.  Knees slightly bent, heels down, bar close to the body chest up and back flat.

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POWER 03/31/2019

Sumo Deadlift (7 x 3 (re-set each time no touch and go))

The sumo deadlift is a great movement that takes a little of the loading off of the lower back and really recruits the power of the hips/glutes!  This movement is great for building strength in a different stance/position.

Weighted Dips (10-8-6-4-2 (Building if possible))

Hold a weight between the legs, wear a vest or a belt with weight.Score is weight you use for the last 2 reps.

For these dips you may do them on the rings, a stationary dip station, or even between to boxes etc.

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POWER 03/24/2019

Back Rack Lunge (5 x 10 (5/5))

For these back rack lunges you will do all 5 on one side and then all 5 on the other. 

You do NOT need to step in and out on these.  Get into a lunge position and stay there for 5 reps - then step in and switch sides!

Rest 2-3 min between sets.

Shoulder Press (5-5-3-3-1-1-1)

Score is heaviest single. 
For this the goal is to go heavier with each set.

Rest 2 min between sets.

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POWER 2.17.19

Metcon (Weight)

10 Bench Press
10 Strict Pull Up
9 Bench Press
9 Strict Pull Up
8 Bench Press
8 Strict Pull Ups
7 Bench Press
7 Strict Pull Ups
All of the way down to...
1 Bench Press
1 Strict Pull Up

Goal: Add weight for each bench.  Do all sets of bench unbroken.  Break pull ups as needed.
Score: Heaviest Bench Weight

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MIranda AlcarazPower, Accessories
POWER 2.10.19



For this one you will do 4 sets of 3 (not including warm up sets) and 3 sets of 1. Rest as needed between sets. Have a goal of going up in weight for each set.

Rest around 2 min between each.
Score you will put will be your heaviest single.

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