POWER | Week 22

Pause Bench Press (5 x 6)

3 Second Pause at the BottomFor these reps you will lay on the bench.  Pull the shoulders back and down and make sure you can have your heels down on the ground or on some plates or something.  KEEP the butt on the bench.

Lower the bar to the sternum with the hands just outside of the shoulders - not too wide.  You should have a full grip on the bar.  Elbows should go generally BACK and not OUT.  Hold under tension at the bottom for 3 seconds.  Then press out to lockout.

Go lighter than you think at first and add if you feel you are capable.
Rest as needed between sets.

For Time:
30 Dips

Every time you break 10 push ups.
GOOD LUCK with that one.

If you are a dip ninja:

RX + : 50 DipsDips may be ring or stationary.  Lower the body down until the shoulder is lower than the elbow at the bottom.  Lock all of the way out at the top.

You may choose to do these as kipping or strict.