OLY | Week 22

Push Jerk (6 x 3)

You may also do split for these if you would like - there is a separate place to score it if you do.

For the push jerk it's all about driving the bar off of the body using the legs and hips - and then as it's traveling up pressing yourself down under.

For this movement you may go from the floor (you will just have to clean it) or from the rack.  The bar will start on your shoulders with the elbows slightly in front and belly tight.  Feet are under the hips with the heels down.  You will perform a dip by allowing the knees to come forward, keeping the chest up, and sitting back slightly with the hips.  Try to keep the shoulders stacked over the hip and heel.  The dip is shallow.

The turnaround for the dip must be FAST!  Stand up hard and fast and almost think about JUMPING with the bar.  Move the face out of the way as the bar elevates off of the shoulder.  From here, think about pressing yourself under the bar.  You may allow your feet to move out to a wider stance for the catch - but no wider than your squat stance.  You will basically catch in a partial overhead squat.  Bar locked out overhead.  Weight in heels.  Knees out.  Chest up.

Stand to complete the rep.

Split Jerk (6 x 3)


For the split jerk the movement is exactly the same until you are pressing yourself down.  This time one foot will go forward and the other will go back. Your front heel must be down on the catch and the back knee bent.

To stand out of this position (with the bar still overhead) you will bring the front foot back and THEN the back foot forward.

Front Squat (5 x 5 )

For these reps you can start with the final weight you used for the 6 x 3 Jerk - or if your squat is not as strong yet - you may choose to go down.

Rest as needed between sets.

The bar will start on the shoulder with the elbows high.  Allow it to roll back into the fingertips if you need it to in order to get them as high as possible.  Keep the belly tight.

Feet are shoulder width apart.  Reach the butt back and down.  Keep the heels down.  Drive the knees out.  Fight to keep the belly tight,  chest and elbows UP!

Get the butt below the knees at the bottom.

Reach the chest and elbows UP to stand completely.