BUTTS & GUTS | Week 22

4 Rounds
NOT for time
15 Good Mornings
15 Roll Up with Slow Lower
15 Single Leg Deadlift Right
15 Single Leg Deadlift Left
1 Min  Plank Dumbbell Pass Reps

Score is  Good Morning Weight -

You may use a band or you may start with 95# for Men, 65# for Women and go up from there as comfort allows.

For the good mornings, the bar will be on the back in a similar position to the back squat.  From here you will reach the butt back and lower the chest - maintaining the arch of the back.  Knees will soften and bend, but only slightly.  If you can maintain positions, you will want to go to 90 degrees.  If back starts to round - do not go that far!

Squeeze the butt to stand up.

For the roll ups - You can do this on a bench or on the ground - you just need something behind your head to hold on to.

Keeping your legs straight and laying on your back - raise the legs, then the hips, press the low back into the ground/bench as you roll up - one piece at a time until all but your head and shoulders are up.  SLOWLY roll yourself all the way back down.

For the single leg deadlifts - you will hold the weight in the opposite hand of the working leg.  You will fight to keep the chest up and heel down.  Allow a slight bend in the knee.  Stand up completely at the top.

For the plank dumbbell pass reps you will be in the push up position. You will grab a dumbbell with the right hand and pass it to the left hip.  Then you will grab another dumbbell with the left hand and pass it to the right hip.  Then by again reaching across you will bring the dumbbells back up.