POWER 04/07/2019

Bench Press (7 x 3)

As always if you are benching alone make sure you do not put collars on the ends of your bars and don't go super heavy.  Wrap your thumb around the bar and use a spot if at all possible!!

For these reps you will want to have your hands just outside of your shoulders.  Similar to your grip for an overhead press.  Pull your shoulderblades back and down on the bench and set up so that your heels can be down.  So add plates underneat your feet if you need to!

Come down and touch the chest with the elbows going back - not out.  Press all of the way to lockout at the top.

Goal is to go up each set if possible.

Rest as needed between sets.

Bent Over Row (5 x 5)

For this lift you will set up in a deadlift position.  Knees slightly bent, heels down, bar close to the body chest up and back flat.

You will bring the bar to just below the knee.  Pull the bar in close to the body.

Your chest should be over the bar with a hinge at the hip and a slight bend of the knee.  Pull the bar UP to your chest by reaching the elbows back.

Come to think of it - this is like a reverse bench press.  You will touch your chest in a similar place and then lower back down until your arms are locked out.  Keep the chest up and no pulling yourself down to the bar or like "kipping" it!

Rest as needed between sets.

Add weight if you feel you can.