OLY 04/07/2019

2 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk (6 x 3 (3=2 Push + 1 Split))

Done as an unbroken complex.

For this one we want to see GOOD technique.  So only add weight if you are confident in your movement.


For the push jerks the bar will start on the shoulders with the belly tight, elbows slightly in front, feet under the hips with the heels down.

You will dip slightly.  Keep the heels down.  Allow the knees to come forward slightly, butt goes down and SLIGHTLY back.  Keep the shoulder over the top of the heel.  The dip is shallow.  Make sure the knees track forward and out - no caving in!

From the dip you will stand hard and fast driving the power from the legs into the bar.  Instead of thinking of pushing the bar up - think of pushing YOURSELF down.  Allow the feet to move out slightly.  Catch with the heels down, knees out, butt back, in a partial squat,  belly tight and the bar locked out over the head and over the middle of the body!  Stand to complete the movement.

For the split jerk you will move one foot forward and one back into a lunge position as you press yourself under.  Make sure the back knee is bent and that the front heel is down!  Stand by bringing front foot back first then back foot forward.

Front Squat (5 x 3)

Start with the weight from your last jerks!  Add weight as you are able.

Rest 2-3 min between sets.

For this movement the bar is once again on the shoulder.  This time you have a loose fingertip grip and the elbows are even higher.  Belly tight.  Feet shoulder width apart with heels down.

Reach the butt back and down.  Drive the knees out.  Keep the chest up.  Get the butt lower than the knees at the bottom.  Lead with the chest and elbows to stand.  Keep the heels down and knees out!