GYMNASTICS 04/07/2019

Street Parking Gymnastics is posted once a week, on Sunday.  These workouts are programmed by former collegiate level and national level gymnast Kati Breazeal.  These workouts are great for those interested in adding in additional work gaining body control, strength, and general skill in the gymnastics movements.  Add this in wherever makes sense for your schedule.


2 Rounds:
10 Standing Straddle with Alternating Bent Knees
30 Seconds per Side Wall Pec Stretch (Right + Left)
30 Seconds Bench Shoulder Stretch



3 Rounds for Quality
1 Minute Overhead Dumbbell Alternating Shoulder Extensions
10 Box Pistols (Right + Left = 1)
30 Hollow Rocks

Sub Options:
Use light weight
For Pistols: The taller your piece of equipment (i.e., bench, chair, couch, etc.), the easier the pistols will be
Tucked hollow rocks

No SCORE!  Do this for quality not for time!

Overhead Dumbbell Shoulder Extensions:
1. One dumbbell per hand.
2. With your feet hip width apart, lift the dumbbells overhead, holding them shoulder width apart. Your palms should be facing in, with the weights parallel to each other.
3. Extend your shoulders by pushing them up into your ears, as high as possible.
4. Relax your shoulders and drop them back to a neutral position.

Box Pistols:
1. Begin with your feet together, standing a few inches in front of your box/chair. You may do these weighted or unweighted.
2. Lift your first leg off the floor, extending it straight out in front, pointing the toe. The front leg should be as tight as possible.
3. Lower yourself down to the box/chari, until you find yourself in a sitting position. The front leg should be hovering above the floor, do not let it touch.
4. To stand, shift your weight forward, and press through your mid foot. Your toes should be working to grip the ground, and help maintain balance.
5. Once fully extended, bring your front foot back to the ground, and repeat on the opposite side.

Hollow Rocks:
1. Begin laying on your back with your legs extended forward, and arms extended overhead by your ears. Your arms need to stay shoulder width apart for the entire set.
2. Brace your core by sucking your belly button into your spine, pushing the lower back into the floor. Your lower back needs to remain flat, so it makes contact with the floor during every rep.
3. To initiate the rock, lift your toes up in the air while you press your shoulder blades into the ground. While maintaining the hollowed position, allow the momentum to rock you forward as the toes come towards the ground, and shoulders lift off the ground.



6 Minute EMOM
(Every Minute on the Minute for 6 Minutes)

Perform as 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off:
Toes to Bar Practice: Focus on form rather than numbers (Straight legs, pointed toes, staying tight)

Sub Option:
Toes to Bar with a Box / Kip Swings / Slowly lift your legs as high as possible while still maintaining rhythm

Score: Total Reps, but do NOT sacrifice form to be on top of the leaderboard!