POWER 04/28/2019

Bench Press (5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1)

So today you are working up to some super heavy singles on the bench.  Only do this if you have someone to spot you or some sort of safety net!

This workout would be great to combine with the Suns Out Guns Out this week and you can go lighter or eliminate the dumbbell bench in that part if you want!

Ok so, for this the goal is to go up in weight each time.  Rest 2-3 min between sets.  The first set of 5 is heavy but manageable.  The second set is a really rough set of 5.

First set of 3 is just a little heavier than the last set of 5...and so on.

Make sure you can have your heels on the ground for these even if you need to put plates on the floor by your bench!  For these reps - pull the shoulder blades back and down.  Make sure as the bar is lowering to the chest that the elbows go back and the grip is similar to the width you would use for going over head - don't go super wide.  Touch the chest at the bottom.  Lock out completely at the top.

If you don't have a spot and still want to bench - just don't do the singles.  Do 9 sets of 5 at a safe weight.


400 Meter Heavy Object Carry for Time

If the object is super heavy - Men 80-100# or more / Women 60-70# or More - you can bear hug the object.

If you don't have a sandbag/ball or something that heavy you will hold a plate or something in your hands at a 90 degree angle at the waist and walk.

You may also choose to carry the bar in the front or back rack and walk.This is to gain strength in the upper back and midline!