BUTTS & GUTS 04/28/2019

8 Rounds
8 Reverse Lunge Right
8 Single Leg Deadlift Right
8 Reverse Lunge Left
8 Single Leg Deadlift Left

Idea weight for Men: 55#
Idea weight for Women: 35#


For this booty blaster portion you will hold the dumbbell or KB at the shoulder with the opposite hand from the working leg.  Step the foot back with a long step so that the front heel stays on the ground when the back knee kisses.  Drive out of the heel to stand

After 8 reps of the reverse lunge on one side.  Keep the working leg the same as you switch to the single leg deadlift.  Again you will hold the weight in the opposite side hand.  Keep the working heel down as you hinge at the hip, keep the chest up and only allow a slight bend in the knee.  Tap the weight on the ground.  Squeeze the butt to come up.

This is not for time, but try not to rest much.  Definitely the goal is to not rest in between exercises for the same working leg.

5 Rounds
30 Russian Twists
3 Plank Ups

This one is for time

Men use 25# ish
Women use 10-15#


You will complete 30 russian twists by sitting on the ground and leaning back a bit, bending the knees. You will hold a DB or a plate at your waist and rotate side to side tapping the weight to the floor.  Every time you tap you count that as 1 rep.

Once you have completed 30 reps you will put the feet on a box or bench and be in the push up position.  Walk your hands back toward your feet as you pike your hips up.  Then walk your hands back out to the plank.  That is 1 rep.  No sloppiness or sagging!