OLY 04/28/2019

Tall Jerk (4 x 4)

Starting with the bar just above the head - push under to lockout - stand.For this movement you will use a pretty light - for the first set even empty - bar.  You will press it about half way up - just above the forehead.  Then you will pause and then BAM!!!  Press yourself down SUPER fast to lockout!

You may choose to practice this with a push or a split jerk.  This is really training speed under the bar and the concept of you pressing YOURSELF down and not the bar up.

When you land the bar should be locked out over the middle of the body with the belly tight and the elbows locked.

If you do a split the front heel should be down.  Make sure the back foot doesnt turn out excessively. Both front and back knees should be bent.

Clean and Jerk (7 x 2 (singles <10 sec rest between singles))

Rest as needed between sets.  Add weight as technique allows.  Clean may be power or full.
For this you are doing 7 x 2 (1-1) so that means you don't have to hold onto the bar as touch and go sets.

The bar will start on the ground.  Heels are down, knees are bent slightly, arms are long and straight, bar is close to the body, back is flat and chest is up. You will clean it by driving the heels into the ground as you lift your chest.  Keep the arms straight!  Once past the knees you will pick up speed.  Keep the heels down as you stand hard and fast and finally almost JUMP with the bar as you shrug the shoulders.  Elbows will pull up and out to keep the bar close as you pull yourself under the bar.  You may catch in a full squat or a partial squat with the bar on the shoulders and elbows high.  Heels should be down and knees out in the catch.

Since these will be heavy you should stand with the bar out of the clean and then re-set the feet and anything else before the jerk.

For the jerk you will dip by keeping the heels down, allowing the knees to come forward and out.  Keeping the chest up and not dropping it forward.  Let the hips sink straight down.  The dip is shallow.  From the dip you will stand up hard and fast jumping the power from the legs into the bar.  Pop the bar off of the shoulder and continue pressing it up, but also YOURSELF DOWN!  You may catch in a power or split position.  Stand to finish.