POWER 03/10/2019

Pause Bench Press (6 x 5)

3 Second Pause at the Bottom

Rest as needed between sets.  You will definitely need to do some warm up sets.  Start with the empty bar and work up.  Start counting these toward your 6 x 5 once the weight feels challenging.

You want to pause for 3 seconds at the bottom - with the bar touching your chest.  This is not the bar RESTING on your body!!!

Doing this takes the stretch reflex out of the movement and it's ALL pressing power!!!  You will most likely have to go MUCH lighther than a normal set of 5 bench press.

Hands should be roughly outside of the shoulders.  We HIGHLY recommend wrapping the thumb around - no monkey grip!!  This is for your safety!

Before lowering the bar to the chest for the first rep.  Think of pulling your shoulder blades back and down and rooting your heels!  Add plates under your feet if you need to so you can get your heels down.

Lower the bar to the chest - count to 3 - press out!  Use a spotter if you can!!

3 x MAX REPS Push Ups (3 x Max REPS)

Rest as needed between sets.

Choose a push up style that will allow you to get at least 12-15 reps each time (20 for the first set.

Keep the belly tight.  Go all of the way down and touch the chest and thighs at the bottom.  Lock out completely at the top.  No sagging or snaking!  If 12-15 aren't going to happen after the first set - go to the knees!