OLY 03/10/2019

COMPLEX: 3 Front Squats - 2 Push Press - 1 Jerk (6 Sets of 6 Reps (3+2+1))

Unbroken Complex:
3 Front Squats
2 Push Press
1 Jerk (Power or Split)Rest as needed between sets. 

Make sure you do some warm up sets and do not count those toward the 6 working sets.

Once the weight feels challenging you can start counting those as working sets.  You may either go up each set from there - or stick with the same weight for each.  Challenge yourself, but make sure to continue to move well!

You may take the bar from the ground or from a rack to get in position for the front squats.

The bar should be on the front of the shoulder with a loose fingertip grip and elbows high.  Feet are about shoulder width apart and belly is tight.  With the weight solidly in the heels and chest up you will reach the butt back and down.  Keep the heels down and drive the knees out.  Fight to keep the chest and elbows up!  Get to where your butt is lower than your knees at the bottom. Stand by driving the heels down, knees out and reaching up with the elbows and the chest.

NO plopping at the bottom or rounding of the back.

Once you finish your 3rd  front squat you will move your feet in - under your hips.  Get more of a full grip on the bar, and lower the elbows slightly (they are still in front just not quite as high).

You will dip by keeping the heels down, allowing the knees to come forward, keeping the chest up and allowing the torso to move straight down.  Bar stays over the middle of the foot.  Butt goes down - avoid the chest dipping forward.

Stand hard and fast out of the dip.  Move the face back.  Keep the belly tight as you press the bar overhead.  For the push press there is no re-bend of the knees.  Rep finishes with the bar locked out over the middle of the body, ribs down.

When lowering the bar absorb with your knees!

For the jerk rep at the end, you may choose power/push jerk or split.  The focus here is to do the same dip and drive as the push press - but this time instead of pushing the bar up, you push YOURSELF down.

Feet will move out as you press down either into your squat stance or split.