BUTTS & GUTS 03/10/2019

4 Rounds
Not For Time
20 Elevated Sumo Squats
10 No Touch PAUSE Single Leg DL Right
10 No Touch PAUSE Single Leg DL Left
10 Shoot Throughs
30 Second Plank + Up Down

RX Ideas:
Men: 50-80#
Women: 30-50#

Score is weight used for single leg DL.

For the elevated sumo squats you will hold a db or kb between your legs.  You should be elevated on 2 boxes or on  2 stacks of plates...something like that.

Make sure you are high enough that you can get to a full depth squat while holding the object with straight arms.  Then you will stand completely at the top and squeeze the cheeks.

Single leg deadlifts - we do them a lot - because they are one of the best!  Add pause with a knee raise at the top this week!

For these, you should have a flat back and slight bend in the knee.  The dumbbell or kb should be held in the opposite hand of the working leg.

For the shoot throughs, the higher the boxes or parallettes the easier this will be.  It requires you to really tuck the knees up and in and punch forward, then reverse it on the way back!  If you are using KBs, make sure you stabilize them, so when your weight shifts, they don't fall over!

For the plank, you will start on your elbows and 1 arm at a time come up to the hand (like the top of a push up).  You will then transfer back down - keep repeating of 30 seconds.