POWER | WEEK 46 | 11/10/2019


Squat Warm Up
Overhead Warm Up


STREET PARKING POWER - Ongoing program designed to build strength through emphasis on major lifts like Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Shoulder Press and Bench Press.

This may also include assistance exercises to support good mechanics and healthy tissue.

Deadlift (4 x 5)
The way this workout will work is the following:
On a running clock:

Min 0:00 - 5 Deadlifts
Min 2:00 - 5 Deadlifts
Min 4:00 - 5 Deadlifts
Min 6:00 - 5 Deadlifts
Min 10:00 - Max Reps Deadlifts
Min 14:00 -5 Weighted Pull Ups
Min 16:00 - 5 Weighted Pull Ups
Min 18:00 - 5 Weighted Pull Ups
Min 20:00 - 5 Weighted Pull Ups
Min 24:00 - Max Reps Strict Pull Ups (one set)
Min 27:00 - 3 Min AMRAP

Set 1 at 0:00, Set 2 at 2:00, Set 3 at 4:00, Set 4 at 6:00.
For the Deadlifts, add load between sets.
You will have 4 Min rest before the set of Max Reps.

The idea is to start fairly heavy and end heavier. But save some room for the final, max reps set. Take small jumps.

Remember, just because you can stand up with the weight, doesn't make it technically proficient. So, make sure you maintain good form on every rep of every set, rather than just trying to go as heavy as possible!

For the deadlifts the bar will start on the ground. The feet are under the hips. Heels are down. Hips and knees are bent. Arms are straight. Chest is up. Belly tight. Back flat! Hands just outside the legs To lift drive the heels into the ground and lift the chest. Keep the arms straight as you pull the bar in close to the body. Keep the arms long and straight. Keep the chest up and belly tight. Stand all of the way up at the top. Squeeze the butt. Don't lean back.

To lower - reach the butt back and slide bar down the legs. Keep the knees out of the way. Keep the chest lifted and belly tight. Keep those heels down. Once past the knees you will re-bend the knees and bring the bar back to the starting position under control.

Deadlift (1 set x max reps)

This set will happen at 10:00 on the clock.

You may be able to increase the load slightly or you may need to drop the weight from the final set last time to a weight that you can get at least 5 but no more than 15 reps.

Weighted Pull-ups (4 x 5)

If you are unable to do weighted pull ups - you may do all sets as strict pull ups or even banded pull ups.

If possible you will add weight - even if it's just a bit each time.

Set 1 at 14:00, Set 2 at 16:00, Set 3 at 18:00, Set 4 at 20:00.
Max set unweighted strict will happen at 24:00.

Strict Pull Ups

No kipping, unassisted, unweighted pull ups.This set will happen at 24:00. This is the max reps set of Strict Pull-ups, make sure you can get at least 5 but probably not more than 10 reps.

(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 3 Min)

5 Good Mornings
5 Upright Rows

GO LIGHT! Like an empty barbell or a bumper plate.

Smooth movement! The idea here is not to do as many reps as possible, but to move continuously and consistently for 3 minutes. KEEP YOUR BELLY TIGHT! Use an empty bar or even lighter dumbbells for the upright rows.