GYMNASTICS | WEEK 46 | 11/10/2019


2 Rounds
10 Scapular Pull-Ups
30 Seconds Bench Tricep Stretch
10 Banded Pass Throughs
20 Forward to Backward Swinging Kicks (On right + left)

Scap Pull Ups
1. Begin in a dead hang on the bar, with your hands shoulder width apart. You should be sinking down, with your shoulders in contact with your ears.
2. Engage the lats by "pulling down on the bar", creating as much space as possible between your shoulders and ears.
3. Hold for two seconds.
4. Lower back down into your dead hang position.

Bench Tricep Stretch

1. Begin sitting glutes-to-heels on the ground, facing your bench (or, any apparatus you are using: Chair, couch, desk, etc.)
2. Place your hands on the bench, palms down, and slide them forward until your elbows are supported. The goal is to keep the joint as comfortable and safe as possible.
3. Arms should be shoulder width apart.
4. With your knees together, lift your glutes and set your hips directly over your knees. Both legs should be together and creating aa 90 degree angle.
5. Allow your head to fall through your arms, and press your chest towards the floor.
6. Bend your elbows and pull your thumbs to shoulder blades. This will intensify the stretch in the triceps.
7. Engage your core by pulling the belly button into your spine. This will flatten out and protect the lower back. No sagging.

Banded Pass Through:
1. Begin standing with your feet together, quads squeezed, and glutes engaged. Round your hips under (think of yourself as a dog with its tail between its legs) to ‘turn on’ your core. Practicing this total body tension from your warm-up is going to transfer into higher level skills.
2. Grip your band (any thickness) in a wide set up for the first few reps. Usually near the ends.
3. Using straight arms, lift the band overhead and backwards, until it hits the back of your glutes.
4. Hold to maximize the stretch.
5. Return to your front starting position by repeating the same motion forward.
6. As you get comfortable, begin walking your hands in to a more narrow grip for increased difficulty.

Forward to Backward Swinging Kicks (On right + left)
1. Begin standing on both feet, grabbing a sturdy object for support with your right hand (I recommend the post of a rig).
2. Extend your left arm directly out to the side, keeping it parallel to the floor for the entire set.
3. Keeping a straight leg, lift your left foot up in the air as high as possible.
4. Once you reach your full range of motion, drive the heel backward, using momentum to swing your eft leg behind you.
5. Continue swinging your left leg front to back, focusing on keep both legs locked out at all times.
6. Repeat steps for the right side.


Street Parking Gymnastics is posted once a week, on Sunday. These workouts are great for those who may be interested in adding in more work on body control, awareness, coordination, or strength - stamina in the gymnastics movements.

These workouts have been programmed by Street Parking Coach and former National Level Gymnast - Kati Breazeal. Add this in wherever makes sense for your schedule.

3 Rounds
The Goal: Go Unbroken - Don't Come Off The Bar

5 Kipping Pull-Ups
5 Hanging Blind Change
5 Toes to Bar
Go To Failure - Active Bar Hang

Rest 2 Min Between Rounds

Subs or Modifications:
Lower Numbers to 2-3 of each


Kip swings
Active bar hang

Only lift toes/knees as high as possible

Score: Number of rounds completed without coming off the bar.

Kipping Pull Ups:
1. Begin standing directly under the bar.
2. Jump to the bar and catch in a Hollow position.
3. Drive your heels back, press your chest forward, moving into an Arch position.
4. Snap your toes toward to initiate your vertical path.
5. Squeeze your glutes and guide your chin above the height of the bar.
6. Once your chin clears the height of the bar, lean your shoulders backward, and slightly lift your toes in the front to keep an even weight distribution.
7. As you fall under the bar, move back into your arch position, setting yourself up for the next rep.

Hanging Blind Changes:
1. Begin in a dead hang on the bar, with a shoulder width grip.
2. Release ‘Hand 1’ from the bar, and allow your body to turn 180 degrees.
3. Re-grip the bar with ‘Hand 1’.
4. Shift your weight to ‘Hand 1’, release ‘Hand 2’, and reposition it to a neutral grip.
5. Finish the Hanging Blind Change in the same dead hang position.
6. Alternate turning between both arms.

Toes to Bar:
1. Begin standing directly underneath the pull-up bar, and jump. When catching the bar, land in a hollow position.
2. Immediately drive your heels back, into a superman (arch) position, and you will be ready for your first toes to bar rep.
3. Using your core and hip flexors, swing your legs towards the bar, making contact with your toes. Simultaneously, press the bar towards the floor to help engage your lats.
4. Once your toes make contact, allow your legs to swing back down, gaining momentum, and helping to reposition you back into your superman position.
5. Continue to connect reps using the swing and momentum to your advantage.
6. For additional help, check out the Toes to Bar program under Extra Programs on the member’s website.


Handstand Push Ups

EMOM 6 Min:
Every Minute on the Minute for 6 Min
30 Seconds Max Reps - Kipping Handstand Push Ups

Rest Remaining 30 Seconds

Subs or Modifications
Pike on Box Handstand Push Ups

Kipping Handstand Push Up:
1. Kick up to a handstand against the wall, with your hands set outside the shoulders.
2. Carefully lower yourself down to the floor, ending in a headstand against the wall.
3. Bend your knees and pull them down towards your triceps.
4. Aggressively drive your heels towards the ceiling, and squeeze your glutes.
5. Make sure to finish in a fully extended handstand before moving into the next rep.

DO NOT go to failure. DO NOT slam down into the ground. Keep control throughout.