SANDBAG | WEEK 46 | 11/10/2019


15 Ground to overhead
10 x Bear Complex

1 Bear Complex = Power Clean + Front Squat + Thruster + Back Squat + Back Rack Thruster

(So for each round you do 15 Ground to OG and then go through that complex 10x)

Ideal Sandbag Weight:
Men: 50-70#
Women: 25-45#

Goal: 20 Min

For the sandbag ground to overhead, grab hold of the overhand or neutral handles, bend your knees and lift your chest up. Keep the heels down. With your back flat and belly tight, stand up with the sandbag by driving through the heels and lifting the chest. Explode UP with the legs and hips. Shrug the shoulders. Pull the elbow high and outside. Then PUNCH the sandbag to lock out finishing with the biceps by the ear!

For the Bear Complex the weight you choose should allow you to be CAPABLE of doing all reps of the Bear Complex unbroken. Doesn't mean you have to - just means you could if you wanted to.

1 rep of the bear complex is:
- Power Clean
- Front Squat
- Push Press or Jerk
- Back Squat
- Push Press or Jerk

You can also combine the movements into one smooth continuous movement:
- Squat Clean
- Thruster
- Back Squat
- Back Rack Thruster

Do not RUSH through these reps. Get set up well for the clean. Keep the back flat and focus on a great clean (either version).

If you are doing a thruster, make sure the sandbag is on the shoulders, heels are down, knees are out. Feed the press with the drive from the legs.

When lowering onto the back - BE CAREFUL and absorb the catch with the knees! Then make sure you are reset before squatting.

Reach the butt back and down, keep the heels down and chest up. Feed the press with the leg drive for this thruster or push press/jerk too!