POWER | WEEK 39 | 09/22/2019


Shoulder Press (3-3-3-1-1-1-1)

Score is your heaviest single.

For this you will warm up to a weight that is heavy for a set of 3. You will do your first working set of 3 and then rest as needed (no longer than 2-3 min) and then either keep the weight the same, or go up if you feel like you can!

Once you have completed 3 sets of 3 you will definitely add weight and start your singles. Again, rest as needed between and add weight if you feel like you can from set to set.

For the strict press the bar will start at the shoulder. Your feet are under your hips and your legs are strong and straight. Squeeze the booty and tighten the belly. There will be no assistance from the legs during this lift. Elbows should be slightly in front of the bar.

To preform the movement - move the face out of the way and from that dead stop position press the bar straight up. Once past the head you can bring your head back to neutral and drive it UNDER the bar.

Finish with the bar locked out over head and over the middle of the body with a tight belly and biceps by the ears.

When lowering for your set of 3 you may absorb with a dip if you need to, but you can not use that dip to feed into the next rep. You must completely reset before pressing from a dead stop again.

Weighted Pull-ups (10 x 3 (Emom 10 Min - 3 Weighted Pull Ups))

If you are unable to add weight to your pull ups, but can do strict pull ups do that! It does not have to be an unbroken set, just needs to happen in the minute. Drop to 2 reps if you need to.

If you are unable to do a strict pull up - we would like to see banded strict or even a jump and slow lower.

No pull up bar - you can do a supine ring, bar or TRX row.

No rings or TRX? You may even do a 10 x 3 bent over row.