GYMNASTICS | WEEK 39 | 09/22/2019


2 Rounds

10 Scapular Push-Ups
30 Seconds Tucked Headstand Hold
10 Banded Pass Throughs
30 Seconds Jumping Squats

Scapular Push Ups
1. Set up in a plank position, with your shoulders directly over your wrists.
2. Keeping your entire body tight, allow only your shoulders to relax, and sag down towards the floor.
3. Re-engage the shoulders by "pressing away from the floor" and getting as tall as possible at the top of your plank position.
4. Continue releasing and extending your shoulders, without compromising your tight body position in the plank itself.

Tucked Headstand Hold
1. Begin by setting up into your tripod position— Your head and both hands will form the three points of an equilateral triangle (all sides are the same length) when set on the floor. Your head will be the top, while your hands will form the base. Hands should be slightly wider than shoulder width distance. Only the top of your head should be in contact with the floor.
2. Slightly angle your fingers out to approximately 45 degrees. This will make it easier to balance and keep stability as we move the legs.
3. Brace the neck by pushing the hands into the floor (you need to feel your triceps light up), and pulling your shoulders towards the ceiling.
4. With your tripod position set, lift your hips into the air and come up onto your toes (legs will be straight at this point).
5. Slowly Walk your toes forward, shifting your hips over the center of your tripod position.
6. Pull your first knee forward, setting it on the back of your tricep.
7. Keeping the core and neck braced, pull the second knee forward, setting it on the back of the tricep.
8. Slowly lift your knees off your arms, and bring them together in front to create the tucked position.

Banded Pass Throughs
1. Begin standing with your feet together, quads squeezed, and glutes engaged. Round your hips under (think of yourself as a dog with its tail between its legs) to ‘turn on’ your core. Practicing this total body tension from your warm-up is going to transfer into higher level skills. 2. Grip your band (any thickness) in a wide set up for the first few reps. Usually near the ends.
3. Using straight arms, lift the band overhead and backwards, until it hits the back of your glutes.
4. Hold to maximize the stretch.
5. Return to your front starting position by repeating the same motion forward.
6. As you get comfortable, begin walking your hands in to a more narrow grip for increased difficulty.

Jumping Squats
1. Begin in a squat stance, with your feet right outside the hips, toes pointed slightly out.
2. Squat down until your hips travel below your knees.
3. As you stand, you will move directly into an explosive high jump, getting off the ground as much as possible.
4. Absorb the landing by bending the knees and smoothly dropping directly into your next squat.
5. The goal is to be as quick and explosive as possible in each jump.


AMRAP 15 Min
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 15 Min)

30 Hollow Rocks
20 Kipping Handstand Push Ups
10 High Jump Overs
5 Pull Overs


Subs / Modifications
Tucked hollow rocks
Use two abmats / Box Handstand Push-Ups
Use a lower target
Low bar pullover + front roll dismount

Hollow Rocks
1. Begin laying on your back with your legs extended forward, and arms extended overhead by your ears. Your arms need to stay shoulder width apart for the entire set.
2. Brace your core by sucking your belly button into your spine, pushing the lower back into the floor. Your lower back needs to remain flat, so it makes contact with the floor during every rep.
3. To initiate the rock, lift your toes up in the air while you press your shoulder blades into the ground. While maintaining the hollowed position, allow the momentum to rock you forward as the toes come towards the ground, and shoulders lift off the ground.

Kipping Handstand Push Ups
1. Kick up to a handstand against the wall, with your hands set outside the shoulders.
2. Carefully lower yourself down to the floor, ending in a headstand against the wall.
3. Bend your knees and pull them down towards your triceps.
4. Aggressively drive your heels towards the ceiling, and squeeze your glutes.
5. Make sure to finish in a fully extended handstand before moving into the next rep.

High Jump Overs
1. First, choose a box, bench, etc. of the appropriate height. You should be challenged, but should not feel like you will trip over your apparatus.
2. Facing your equipment, jump over, being as explosive as possible.
3. Make sure to land with a bend in your knees, to safely absorb your weight.

Pull Overs
1. Begin hanging from your bar, with hands gripping right outside the shoulders
2. Complete one pull-up, holding at the top with your chin above the bar
3. Keeping your chin above the bar, use your core and hip flexors to lift your legs towards the ceiling
4. Continue lifting your legs as you rotate backwards around the bar, shifting your hips towards the back of the bar
5. Press your palms into the top of the bar and lift your shoulders until you land in a front support

Skill Focus: Bar Muscle Ups
1 Round:
Find your max unbroken set of Bar Muscle-Ups
Rest 3 Minutes


EMOM 8 Min
(Every Minute on the Minute for 8 Minutes)

Do 40% of the number you hit in your max set
(Example: If you did 10 muscle-ups in a row, you will do 4 muscle-ups at the top of each minute in the EMOM)

Jumping Transitions from a box.

This is also a good option if you can only do 1 bar muscle up at a time. Another option is to do 1 bar muscle up every 2 min for 16 min.

Score for this part is how many you did in unbroken set. If you don't have them yet put 0 and note how you modified.

Bar Muscle Up
1. Begin standing behind the bar
2. Jump to the bar and catch in a hollow position
3. Allow yourself to patiently swing forward, opening into an arch position as you pass to the front of the bar
4. Hit the full range of motion in your arch position
5. Once you start swinging backwards, drive your knees towards the ceiling
6. (Aggressively!) Squeeze your glutes to produce as much power as possible, driving your hips towards the bar
7. As you come close to the bar, sit up quickly using your core, and shift your hands over the top of the bar
8. Land in a front support