SANDBAG | WEEK 39 | 09/22/2019


100 Sandbag Burpee
(Burpee to Sandbag Overhead)

Every Minute: 10 Sandbag Hop Overs

Ideal weights for Sandbags:
Men: 50-70#
Women: 30-45#

Score: Total Time
Goal Time: 15 Min

Keep the goal time in mind if you are working with a heavier bag and consider reducing the reps. Also for bags without handles, you might stick with a burpee sandbag over the shoulder.

For the sandbag burpee, the bag will start right in front of your feet. Plant your hands on the bag a bit wider than shoulder width apart. Step or jump your feet back to a plank position and lower your chest to the bag, knees/thighs to the floor. Press back up to straight arms and step or jump your feet back in. Grab hold of the overhand handles, bend your knees and lift your chest up. Keep the heels down. With your back flat and belly tight, stand up with the sandbag by driving through the heels and lifting the chest. Explode UP with the legs and hips. Shrug the shoulders. Pull the elbow high and outside. Then PUNCH the sandbag to lock out finishing with the biceps by the ear!

For the hop overs you will stand next to your bad and hop laterally over the narrow side. Ideally you hop and land with two feet but you may modify to a skip over or do a lateral shuffle. Think fast toe taps on the bag as you step laterally on and over to the other side.