POWER | WEEK 36 | 09/01/2019


Shoulder Press (5 x 10 (rest as needed))

For these reps you need to choose a weight that you are PRETTY sure that you can get 10 in a row. If you do the first set and don't get 10 - lower the weight (unless you ALMOST got it - then try again). If you do the first set and you could have done 12 or more - make it heavier.

The bar will start on the shoulder with the elbows slightly in front. You will be standing, with the feet under the hips. There is no help from the lower body on this lift. Keep the belly tight. Move the face out of the way and PRESS UP! Finish the the bar locked out completely over your head and over the middle of your body. NO arching the back! Keep the belly tight! Lower the bar back to the shoulders with the elbows in front. No rebound or bounce from the lower body is allowed to aide the next rep.

If you need to absorb the lower, you may do so. But just re-set and start from the dead stop for the next rep.

Back Rack Lunge (6 x 5 (each side))

These are forward stepping lunges. You will do 5 on one side and then 5 on the other!

You will have the bar on the back.

Raise the chest and tighten the belly. Take a long step forward so that the front heel can stay down when the back knee touches. Avoid leaning forward with the torso. Keep the chest up. Avoid allowing the front knee to collapse in. Drive off of the front heel and bring feet back together.

Do all 5 on one side, then all 5 on the other without racking the bar or putting it down in between. Rest as needed between sets.