SANDBAG | WEEK 36 | 09/01/2019


20 Alternating Hang Clean & Press
12 Bear Hug Lunges

18 Alternating Hang Clean & Press
12 Bear Hug Lunges

16 Alternating Hang Clean & Press
12 Bear Hug Lunges

14 Alternating Hang Clean & Press
12 Bear Hug Lunges

....Keep lowering Alternating Hang Clean & Press Number by 2 per Round - Keep Bear Hug Lunges at 12 Until...

2 Alternating Hang Clean & Press
12 Bear Hug Lunges

Ideal weight for Men: 50-70#
Ideal weight for Women: 25-45#

Score: Total Time
Goal: Under 25 Min

The bear hug grip is sneaky. Make sure you keep the bag close to your body but can still allow yourself to breathe in those lunges.

In the hang clean and presses you might try not using the handles!

For the alternating hang clean and press, step your feet outside the bag then grip the sides of the bag on the short side and deadlift it to the waist.

Arms are long and straight. Dip by hinging at the hip slightly and bending the knees. From here you will basically jump (stand up hard and fast) and SHRUG to make the sandbag weightless. Guide the sandbag UP the body by pulling the elbows high and outside. Pull YOURSELF down into a partial squat allowing the bag to meet on one shoulder. Keep your heels down, butt back, knees out.

From here you will take it overhead by pressing or push pressing. Stand up hard and fast to pop the sandbag off the shoulder. Punch the sandbag up and over your head until arms are fully extended. Lower the bag back to your shoulder then to the waist, bag between your legs to set up for the next rep.

For the bear hug lunge, hold the bag against your chest with your arms wrapped around the bag. Keep your belly tight, chest up and draw your elbows back alongside your ribcage to keep the bag close to your body. You may choose from forward stepping, reverse, or even walking lunges.

You will alternate legs so for the set of 12 for example - it's 6 per leg. Drive off of the heel and don't allow the knees to cave. We like the reverse lunge because the working leg stays planted so you end up being able to drive through the heel really well. You will step back and keep the heel down. Don't allow the knee to cave in. You will GENTLY touch the ground with the leg (knee) you stepped back with. Then drive off of the front foot (heel) to bring you back to standing. Switch legs for the next rep.