POWER | Week 24

Deadlift (20 Min for 10 Rep Max)

So there are a couple ways you can play this.  If you KNOW your deadlifting abilities well, you can work your way up with smaller warm up sets until you get to a number that seems like a good place to start.  Maybe 75% of your 1 RM.  If you are successful with 10 there you can make smart jumps based on how it went.

If you have NO idea what you are capable of.  Warm up and do some warm up sets with less than 10 reps.  Once you get to a weight that is challenging but you feel totally doable hit 10 reps.  Go up in large or small increments from there based on how it felt.

Be smart.  Do not do more than I would say 4 attempts for all 10 reps!

Do NOT allow your form to go to crap or your back to round.  If the back starts to round and you can't correct it - call it and lower the weight!  Live to fight another day.

For these reps you will start with the bar on the ground.  Feet are under the hips.  Weight is in the heels.  Chest is up.  Knees are bent slightly.  Arms are straight.  Belly tight.

Lift the bar by digging the heels into the ground and lifting the chest!  Pull the bar into the body by actively pulling it back!  Arms stay straight.  Back stays flat.  Heels stay down.  Do not crank your neck up.  Look down at the ground about 6 feet in front of you.  Squeeze the cheeks to bring you to a fully standing position with the hips and knees extended.

To lower reach the butt back and again pull back on the bar to keep it close to the body.  Once past the knees bend the knees to bring the bar all of the way to the ground UNDER control!

Weighted Pull Up Negative (6 x 5)

5 second negative weighted pull up

Ok guys, real talk - many of us will have to do this unweighted and still might have to lower the reps.  That is ok.

For you pull up monsters though, you may weight yourself however you would like.  Vest is fine, dumbbell between the knees if fine, or put some change plates in your pockets or your sports bra if you want!

If you can do a strict pull up you will pull yourself up and then lower slow.  If you need to break up the set of 5 that is ok, but not if you have to rest longer than 5-10 seconds.

Do NOT weight yourself if you are unable to do a strict pull up unweighted.  We DO NOT want you jumping up with a weight vest on and slowly lowering.  If you are unable to pull yourself up you must do these unweighted!!

If you are unable to even do a slow negative on the bar - do a slow negative on a ring row instead!