BUTTS & GUTS | Week 24

Butts -
10 Min AMRAP
Get as far as you can:

2 Single Leg Deadlifts
(one right, one left)
2 Step Ups
(one right, one left)
4 Single Leg Deadlifts
(alternating legs)
4 Step Ups
(alternating legs)

Keep adding 2 reps every time.

For single leg deadlifts keep the back flat and heels down.  Brace the belly and allow the torso to come forward with only a slight bend of the knee.

You will hold one KB or DB for the Single Leg DL

For the Step Ups you will also hold weight.  Step up roughly 15-24" depending on your height.

Drive off of the heel that is stepping up and make sure your WHOLE foot is on the box (or bench or whatever you are using).  Do not allow your knee to collapse inward.

Alternate feet with each rep.

In 4 Min get as far as you can:

1 V-Up
1 Super Man
2 V-Up
2 Super Man
3 V-Up
3 Super Man

....keep adding

Rest 4 Min


(Start back over at 1-1)