SOGO 04/07/2019


Superset #1
3-5 Rounds
Dumbbell Bench Press 10-15 Reps
Dumbbell Front Raise 10-15 Reps
Max Supine Rows (Ring or Bar)

Rest 2-3 Min Between Rounds

Log weight used for the bench press.For the dummbell bench press, choose a weight that  you can definitely get 10 reps, but 15 will be challenging.  You may sub barbell bench if you do not have appropriate dumbbells.

Go immediately from there into the front raises.  You may do this with a barbell, a plate, or the dumbbells.  Keep the belly tight and allow a slight bend in the elbow.  Bring the weight to 90 degrees.

Immediately after your front raises you will do a max set  supine rows.  Choose an angle that will allow you to get at least 10 - but no more than like 25 or so.


Superset #2
3-5 Rounds
10-15 Dips (Stationary, Ring, or Bench)
10-15 Standing Shoulder Press
10-15 Shrugs

Rest 2-3 Min Between Rounds

Log weight used for shoulder press.

Dip on what you've got.  You may even do bench dips if necessary and can add weight on the lap if you need to make it more difficult.  Make sure the shoulder gets past the elbow at the bottom and lock out completely at the top.

Go immediately into the shoulder press. For the shoulder press you may use barbell or dumbbells.  Choose a weight that will allow you to get 10 for sure, but 15 will be difficult.  Keep the belly tight and get the bar all the way overhead! (Not pressed out in front of you!)

Go immediately into the shrugs!  Shrugs may be done with a bar or with dumbbells!  Who doesn't love shrugs.