ENDURANCE 04/07/2019

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The running version of this is something we've done before is one of our FAVORITE endurance workouts.  Good luck!  You can find that post on 04/22/2018.

Strong Endurance (Time)

For Time
Run 400 Meters
Carry Heavy or Odd Object for 1 Min as far as you can
Run 400 meters
Carry Heavy or Odd Object as far as you can  for 1 Min...

Keep repeating until you have carried the object a total of:

RX: 800 Meters
RX Plus: 1200 Meters

Objects may include:

Heavy Sandbag
Heavy D Ball/Slam Ball
Heavy Kettlebell
Heavy Dumbbell

Weight for Object should be
Men: 60# plus if possible
Women: 40# Plus if possible


So the way this works if you were on a track for example.  You would leave your object at the start line.  At 3-2-1 go you would run 400 meters.  When you get  back to the object you pick it up and run as FAR as you can with it in 1 min.  When 1 min is up - you put it down and run 400 meters again.  So let's say I got 75 meters with it in 1 min.  I drop it there and circle back around to it.  Pick it up again - and go as far as I can in one minute - drop it and loop around.  Keep doing this until the OBJECT has traveled the RX or RX + Distance.

You will need to wear a watch!
You can also do this with like a farmers walk!

This is another one Coach Hinshaw made me do a long time ago and it was awful.  I basically did it on a 400 meter loop.  I would run from my sandbag - 400 meters back to it - take it as far as I could in a minute and keep repeating for 1200 meters.

Metcon (Time)

Row Version:

7 Rounds
Row 500
1 Min Max Box Step ups holding heavy object

Score is total time!

Metcon (Time)

Bike Version:

7 Rounds
Bike 30 Cal (Men) /20 Calories (Women)
1 Min Max Box Step ups holding heavy object

Score is total time!