GYMNASTICS 03/10/2019

Complete 3 Rounds:
10 Flat to Hollow on Floor
10 Flat to Superman on Floor
10 Kip Swings on Bar
5 Kip/Press Down

Not for time or anything - can add a broomstick/PVC or a little weight to the Flat to HollowSo for the flat to hollow you will lay on your back on the ground with the legs and arms extended.  You will lift the shoulders and legs off of the ground by hollowing out your belly - pulling your low back into the ground.  Hold for 1 second then lower.

For the superman it's basically the opposite.  You will lay on your stomach on the ground with arms and legs extended.  You will lift the arms and legs by squeezing the butt and back.  Hold for 1 second then lower.

For the kip swing you take that hollow and superman and simply perform it on the bar!  Hollow/Arch/Hollow/Arch.  Let it be fluid with no pause in the front or back.  Lead with the shoulders doing most of the work by pressing against the bar then pulling.

From here you - for the last 5 reps you will add a straight arm hard press as you close the hips even more.  Think about trying to PRESS the bar into your hips as you lean back a little to bring you closer to the bar.  DO NOT pull with the arms!

1 Pull Up
1 Toes to Bar
2 Pull Ups
2 Toes to Bar
3 Pull Ups
3 Toes to Bar -
Keep adding 1 per movement per round.

RX +:  Sets of same number must be unbroken.  So the 1+1 / break / 2+2 / break / 3+3 / break and so on.If you are unable to do pull ups and toes to bar - no problem!

You will do 1 kip swing - 1 knees up - 2 kip swings - 2 knees up....

Accumulate Max Hold in 5 min:
Top of Push up on Rings or TRX Bands

For this you will hold the top of a push up position on the rings or TRX bands.  Every time you break just come down and write down how long you held for.  Add up total time at the end.

Keep the belly tight and find that hollow type position again.  Squeeze the cheeks!

Press the through the shoulders by pressing them forward as you hold!