POWER 03/31/2019

Sumo Deadlift (7 x 3 (re-set each time no touch and go))

The sumo deadlift is a great movement that takes a little of the loading off of the lower back and really recruits the power of the hips/glutes!  This movement is great for building strength in a different stance/position.

For this movement the bar will start on the ground.  The feet are slightly wider than squat stance.  The hands are inside the legs.  Use a narrow grip but there should be 6-12 inches between the hands.

The knees will be bent slightly, chest up, arms straight, heels down, knees OUT (that's a big one), bar close to the body.  You will pull the bar from the ground by focusing on driving the heels into the ground, reaching the chest up, driving the knees out, and pulling the bar into the body.

The rep is finished when you are standing completely at the top.

For these reps there is no dropping from the top and no touch and go at the bottom this time either.  That means you will put the bar down under control - keeping good positions.  Then you will completely relax and then re-set positions before pulling the next rep.

Rest as needed between sets.

Weighted Dips (10-8-6-4-2 (Building if possible))

Hold a weight between the legs, wear a vest or a belt with weight.Score is weight you use for the last 2 reps.

For these dips you may do them on the rings, a stationary dip station, or even between to boxes etc.

We first want to see full range of motion before you add much or any weight.  This means you get your shoulder below your elbow at the bottom, and that you lock out completely at the top.

These sets should be unbroken sets - so if you need to do them weighted or even use assistance from a band or slight push from the legs that is fine!

As you lower - make sure the elbows go BACK - not OUT.

Rest as needed between sets.