OLY 03/31/2019

Muscle Snatch (5 x 3 (Moderate Weight))

The muscle snatch is all about the UP portion of the snatch!  It will start with a controlled pull off the floor, followed by a powerful jump, shrug - and then pulling the bar up the body and punching to lock out.  There is no pull under or re-bend of the knees on this movement.

The bar will start on the ground.  You will use a wide/overhead squat grip.  The feet are roughly hip - shoulder width apart with the weight in the heels.  The knees are bent but hips are higher than the knees.  Chest is over the bar.  Arms are straight.  Bar is close to the body. Back is flat.

Drive the heels into the ground as you start to lift the chest.  The bar comes off the ground - keep it close to the body!  Control this first pull.

Once the bar is past the knees you will pick up speed!  Scoop the hips underneath a bit but keep the heels down.  Think about finishing the up or JUMP with the arms still straight.  Jump UP not forward.

Shrug the shoulders, and then start to pull the bar with the elbows - reaching them high and outside like a scarecrow to keep the bar close to the body.

Once you have pulled the bar as high as possible with the elbows high - you will turn the bar over and punch into it as you punch your head through.  Lock out with the bar over the middle of your body.  Belly is tight.  Knees and hips are extended.

Power Snatch (6 x 1 (One every 90 seconds for 9 min))

Pick a weight you can hold across all 6.

Rest 1 min to change weight before the next part.

Power Snatch (4 x 1 (One every 90 seconds for 6 Min))

Add weight for the next 4.  Still one every 90 seconds.

Rest 1 min and add weight before the next part.

Power Snatch (2 x 1 (One every 90 Seconds for 3 Min))

Go up in weight one more time for these last 2 reps.  If you are feeling it you can go up between these 2 also.

The power snatch is exactly like that muscle snatch you did in the beginning, but this time you will pull yourself UNDER instead of pulling the bar up.

POWER - means you will not pull all of the way into a full squat - just a partial squat when you pull under.

So, once you finish the UP part and the elbows come high and outside you will pull yourself under slightly.  Allow your feet to move out a bit.  Drive your knees out and punch yourself under the bar to lockout.  Stand to finish the lift before lowering or dropping the bar!