POWER 02/24/19

Sumo Deadlift (5-5-3-3-1-1-1)

Score is heaviest single.

The sumo deadlift is a great movement that takes a little of the loading off of the lower back and really recruits the power of the hips/glutes!  This movement is great for building strength in a different stance/position.

For this movement the bar will start on the ground.  The feet are slightly wider than squat stance.  The hands are inside the legs.  Use a narrow grip but there should be 6-12 inches between the hands.

The knees will be bent slightly, chest up, arms straight, heels down, knees OUT (that's a big one), bar close to the body.  You will pull the bar from the ground by focusing on driving the heels into the ground, reaching the chest up, driving the knees out, and pulling the bar into the body.

The rep is finished when you are standing completely at the top.

We prefer you not to bounce these at all.  If they are new for you - it is probably best for you to re-set at the bottom of each rep.

Rest as needed (at least 2 min) between sets.

Weighted Step-ups (4 x 10 (alternating))

For this - the way it's programmed is with the bar on the back, but you are also welcome to do it holding DBs or KBs if necessary.

Please step up on a height that puts you at about a 90 degree angle at the hip and knee with your foot on the step.

You will have the bar on the back rack.  Step onto the step (the box or whatever you are using).  Make sure your WHOLE foot is on it.  Drive through your heel and make sure the knee is not caving in as you stand.  Keep the chest up and keep driving through heel. Come to a complete standing position before placing your other foot on the box.  Lower with that same foot remaining on the box.  Switch feet at the bottom.

You will do a total of 10 each set - or 5 per leg (alternating legs).

Make sure whatever you are choosing to step on is stable and secure!!!

MIranda AlcarazPower, Accessories