OLY 02/24/19

Hang Pull + Hang Snatch (7 x 2 (1 pull - 1 snatch))

1 Hang Pull (Dip + Shrug from the hang) + 1 Hang Snatch (Full)This complex is designed to get you to focus on FINISHING the UP with a powerful up extension and shrug before pulling yourself under QUICKLY!

You will stand with the bar at the hip - hands in the snatch/overhead squat grip.  From here you will dip the chest forward slightly.  Bend the knees slightly.  Keep the heels down, and allow the bar to slide down the leg (roughly to the top or just below the knee - your choice).

First rep you will just stand back up fast and hard - driving through the heels and adding a shrug.  You should feel how this makes the bar slightly weightless for a split second.

You will then lower the bar back to the knee position in the same manner.  Come up fast and hard, shrug, and this time the elbows will come high and outside as you pull yourself under the bar and catch in an overhead squat.  Bar will be locked out overhead.  Hips lower than the knees.  Heels down.  Knees out.  Chest up. Armpits forward.  Stand from that position.

Only go up in weight as the movement is solid.  Practice at lighter weights!

Snatch Balance (5 x 2)

The snatch balance is an exercise to help you practice pushing YOURSELF DOWN under the weight!

You will start with the bar on your back with hands in the overhead squat width position.  You will dip slightly - keeping the heels down and chest up.  You will allow the knees to come forward slightly.  You will then DRIVE into the bar and pop it off of the shoulders.  From here, the focus is on pushing YOURSELF down under the bar into the bottom of the overhead squat.

Focus on moving the bar in a straight line.  As you press under your butt will go back and the head will come forward slightly.  Keep the armpits forward.  Drive the knees out and keep the chest up in the bottom.  Stand out of the hole in a stable / locked out position (overhead squat) then lower the bar back to the back.

When you are lowering the bar PLEASE make sure to absorb with the knees.  Re-set before you go again.

Start light and only add weight with solid movement!

MIranda AlcarazOLY, Accessories