7 Rounds

3 Hollow Arch on Bar with Box Blocking Legs
5 Kip Swings

Watch video for best description of the box hollow/arch drill.

You will basically hang from the bar with a box or bench RIGHT in front of(like touching) your legs.  Keeping the arms straight and engaging from the core, shoulders, and lats - press against the bar so that your body goes back.  Point your toes forward so they stay in contact with the box.  Hold for 1-2 seconds.  Then pull THROUGH the bar so that your knees are in contact but toes are behind.  Head and chest are in front of the bar.  Arms are still straight.  Hold for 1-2 seconds.  Back and forth 3 total times per set.

Then you will either move the box or move to a different spot on the bar and complete 5 kip swings. This time no pause in the front or back.  Pull Through, Push Back - 5 times.


2 Strict Pull Ups
3 Kipping Pull Ups

If you are CAPABLE of doing this unbroken (more than once) you will do the

RX+ Version: All sets must be unbroken.

Score: Total Number of Completed Rounds + Any Additional Reps

Goal: Quality over QuantitySo you have some options for this.  If you are able to do at least 5-7 sets unbroken.  Go for that.  If you are unable to try doing 2 single strict pull ups and THEN 3 kipping pull ups or something like that.

If you need to go down to 1 strict + 3 kipping to get 5-7 rounds total.  That is fine.

You can also do the strict part as a jump and slow lower or banded.  You can also do the whole thing banded, or the whole thing jumping.

Find something that is difficult for you though and that you won't bang out more than 10-11 rounds or so.

4 Rounds

30 Seconds Hollow Plank
30 Seconds Rest
30 Seconds Weighted Hollow Hold
30 Seconds Rest

For the hollow plank you will start in the top of a push up position and spread the shoulders and contract the abs even more to find a hollow position.  Make sure to keep the butt down.  Try to hold for 30 but you can break up the 30 seconds into 15-15 seconds if you need to.

For the weighted hollow hold you will hold a LIGHT weight in your hands.  Lie on your back and bring your hands all of the way above your head.  Legs are straight.  Contract the abs to press the lower back into the ground.  Use the hip flexors and lower abs to raise the feet off of the floor keeping the legs as straight as possible.  Raise the hands, arms, and shoulders off of the floor as well keeping the biceps by the ears.

You may break this into 15-15 or even 10-10-10.  You may also want to do this weightless if you are having to break.