BUTTS & GUTS 02/24/19

7 Rounds

7 x Through the Complex:
1 Reverse Lunge Left
1 Reverse Lunge Right
1 Good Morning


10 Reps Around the World

Score is weight used for the complex.So you will go through the complex of lunge, lunge, good morning - 7 times.  Then you will place the bar down and do 10 Around the Worlds. (5 Each way alternating).

On the lunge, make sure you take a big step back, touch the back knee - drive through the front heel.

On the Good Morning, only a slight bend in the knee - keep the back flat and hinge at the hip.  Squeeze the butt to stand up.

Only hinge as far as you can keep the back completely flat.  This will have a lot to do with midline strength as well as hamstring flexibility.

16 Russian Swings (heavy for you)
8 Sit Up to Stand with DB or MB

Use a KB that is heavy for you on the swing.

For the MB Sit Up

Men 15-25 lb
Women 10-20 lbEven though this is an amrap, make sure you are really focusing on quality.

For the Russian Swing - really focus on keeping the belly tight and squeezing the cheeks at the top.  Only need to swing the bell to eye level.

For the sit up to stand - touch the ball or DB behind you - perform a sit up and bring that all of the way to standing with the ball or db overhead.