POWER 2.17.19

Metcon (Weight)

10 Bench Press
10 Strict Pull Up
9 Bench Press
9 Strict Pull Up
8 Bench Press
8 Strict Pull Ups
7 Bench Press
7 Strict Pull Ups
All of the way down to...
1 Bench Press
1 Strict Pull Up

Goal: Add weight for each bench.  Do all sets of bench unbroken.  Break pull ups as needed.

Score: Heaviest Bench Weight

Don't worry about time.  This is NOT for time.For this start LIGHT - or you are going to be in trouble since the goal for each one set is to add weight.  So if you start at 95 - the set of 9 might be at 100 or 105.  It's 9 jumps!  If you don't have 5s or even 2.5s available to you - you may choose to increase weight only every 2 sets.

For the bench press - make sure your feet can be planted.  If you need to - put some plates under your feet.  Keep your butt on the bench throughout. Grip is just outside shoulder width.  Pull shoulders back and down and imagine you are pinching a deck of cards in each armpit.  When you lower the weight - elbows go down and stay mostly in- not flared out!  Touch the chest - don't use a big bounce.  Press to lock out at the top.

For the strict pull up - if you are unable to do at least 4 pull ups in a row - you may sub to banded strict pull ups or the super amazing supine ring row.  For that - the more parallel the body is to the ground - the more difficult these are.

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