7 Min Practice

Handstand Hold

Do this against the wall, free standing, or make it really challenging draw a 3' x 3' box and stay in it!You can even do it with a pike on the box handstand or practice kicking up in a handstand.

Just set the clock for 7 min and practice where you need to be in your handstand journey.

Hands should be roughly shoulder width apart.  Spread your fingers.  Press against the floor.  Tighten your belly.  Squeeze your butt.  NO BUTTS agains the wall.

You should be in a straight line from ankles - knees - hips - shoulders - hands.


Pike Handstand Walk Arounds

RX +: Add a single plate or small stack of plates on 2 sides of the box.

Rest when needed!

Score : Total number of trips around the boxFor this you will have your feet on the box in a pike position - hips over shoulders and hands.

Walk sideways around the box.  Once you have made one full trip around the box - go the other way.

This is going to get REAL fast and 7 min will feel LONG.  Break when needed.  Don't get sloppy.

Press into the ground.  Keep arms basically locked.  Go for control over speed.

If you want to add an extra challenge add a plate or a stack of a few plates to walk up and over on 2 of the sides.

4 Rounds

10 Rotating Side Plank on Elbow Right
10 Rotating Side Plank on Elbow Left
30 Seconds Hollow Rock

For QUALITY - not TIME!For the rotating side planks you will be on one elbow.  Lift hips and press shoulder down and away.  Feet can either be stacked or one in front of the other.

If this is already difficult - just hold for 30 seconds per round.

If possible you will take your opposite arm and touch the ground under your body - then rotate open reaching up to the ceiling.

For the hollow rocks you will lay flat on the back and lift the feet, legs and head/shoulders.  You can have arms at sides or overhead.  Press your lower back into the ground.  Using your CORE only start the rocking back and forth.

If necessary you can just do a hollow HOLD for 30 seconds or use a slight knee bend.