SOGO 1.13.19

Part 1


3-4 Sets
10 Arnold Press
20 Alternating Dumbbell Front Raise (10 per side)
10 Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

Rest 2-3 Min between sets

Start light for first set and go up if you feel you can.  Use same weight for all 3 movements with very little rest between movements.For the Arnold Press the dumbbells will start at the chest and the palms turned in.  You will be in a standing position.  From here you you will rotate the palm and wrist open as you begin to press overhead.  In the finish position the biceps are by the ears, elbows locked, and palms/wrists are facing forward (out).  You will perform this movement with both hands at the same time.

For the Alternating Dumbbell Front Raise.  You will perform this movement with one arm at a time.  Allow a slight bend in the elbow and avoid using any "kipping" or bouncing to move the weight.  You will pull the arm up in front of you with the wrist facing down until the arm is parallel to the ground.  Alternate arms for a total of 20 reps or 10 each side.

For the Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise the arm will again have a very slight bend.  This time both arms will move at the same time.  The arms will go out to the side of the body/slightly in front until you form a T shape with the arms parallel to the ground, wrist pointing down.  Again avoid an excessive "kip" or bounce.

Metcon (Weight)

Part 2


3-4 Sets
10 Bent Over Lateral Raise
10 HEAVY Single Arm Row Left
10 HEAVY Single Arm Row Right

For this you can use the same weight as part 1 for the Bent Over Lateral Raises and go significantly heavier if possible for the rows.For the Bent Over Rear Lateral Raise you will hinge at the hips - keeping a flat back until the torso is roughly parallel to the ground.  Allow a slight bend in the knee and a slight bend in the elbow.  Arms will come out to the sides with the elbow going up to the sky and the wrists facing down (this is kind of like a bird flapping its wings).

For the Single Arm Rows - go heavy if you have heavy dumbbells or a heavy KB you can use.  You can lean against a bench or box or even the wall for support.  You will allow the arm to hang straight down from the chest and shoulder.  Scraping the bicep and forearm against the ribcage as you come up - pull the elbow BACK (not out) until the dumbbell touches the rib cage.  Lower all of the way back down at the bottom.  Do all 10 on one side then all 10 on the other.

Rest 2-3 min between full sets (all 3 movements).

Score for this is weight on the single arm rows.