7 Min Hip Up Pulls to Rings/Bar

See demo video for options

No set number to do - but shoot for doing sets of 3 or so each time.The idea here is to learn that we must lean back in the pull and lead with the hips on the muscle up.

In the demo video you will see an option for lower rings with hips on a box.  You can practice with a normal kip on high rings.

You can also practice a straight arm hips to bar swing on the pull up bar.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

7 Min EMOM
(Every Minute on the Minute)

2-4 Reps of one of the following:

Seated Muscle Ups on Low Rings
Feet on Box Muscle Ups
Jumping Bar Muscle Ups
Between Box Muscle Ups

See Demo video for all options.

Choose one that is challenging for you - but that you can get at least 2 every minute for 7 minutes with.

(If you want to try the unassisted seated and can only get 1 per min - that is ok)

Score: Total # completed

Put which type you did in commentsThese will give you a bunch of options that almost ANYONE can complete.  Make sure to check out the demo video.

The main things to focus on again is that lean back and now this time to turn those elbows over quickly - keeping rings close - and performing a massive sit up.

Look for the toes as you come forward!  Whip that ponytail (if you've got one).  Press out to the top.

Metcon (No Measure)

4 Rounds

30 Sec Top of Dip Hold
30 Sec Rest
30 Sec Bottom of Dip Hold
30 Sec Rest

Rings/Boxes/Dip Station are all fine

No ScoreBelly tight.

Shoulders lower than elbow at the bottom.

Elbows back and in - not flaring out!

On top hold - wrists in - even fighting to get them FORWARD.  Press shoulders down - pull rings IN!

MIranda AlcarazGymnastics