BUTTS & GUTS 1.13.19


3 Rounds Not For Time (Rest as Needed)

10 Goblet Split Squats Right
10 Goblet Split Squats Left
20 Side Steps Right (Banded)
20 Side Steps Left (Banded)
10 Single Leg Deadlift Right
10 Single Leg Deadlift Left

Idea for Weight:

Men: 35-50# DB/KB

Women: 20-35# DB?KB

Score: Put what weight you used.For the goblet split squat you will hold the dumbbell or a KB at the chest with elbows tucked in.  One foot will be elevated behind you and the other foot will be far enough out front that when you perform the movement the heel stays down.

You will keep the torso upright and basically come down to the bottom of that lunge position.  You do NOT have to try to touch your knee in the back. Just get your butt lower than your knee.  Make sure the knee stays forward or even slightly out (no caving in).  Drive off of the heel to stand.

Do with no weight if necessary. Or even without the back leg elevated is also ok.

For the side steps you will need either a band to go around knees or around feet.  You can perform this movement with no band also - but if you do butts and guts a lot pick some up!  Check a local sporting goods store, amazon, or get the hip circle from CrossOver Symmetry using our code!

Knees should be bent slightly.  Step wide to the side then bring trailing foot in.

For the single leg deadlift whichever foot is planted - use the OPPOSITE hand to hold the weight.  Allow back leg to lift up.  Hinge at the hip and bend the working knee.  Stand all of the way up at the top.

Metcon (Time)

Towel or T-Shirt Abs

Hold a towel or t-shirt - even a band in your hands stretched over your head.


3 Rounds

20 Tuck Throughs
20 Upper Body Twists
20 Opposite Hand to Toes

See demo for full idea on each of these

Score: Total Time to Complete

Time Cap: 10 Min

If you aren't done by 10 min mark - that's where you stop!With the hands overhead holding a t-shirt - towel or band in BOTH hands outstretched.  You will lay flat and basically do a v-up with the upper body and tuck the knees/legs in hard.  Bring the towel around the knees and feet so it's now under your legs - reverse it and to back to over head.

For the Twists you can leave heels down or for extra challenge lift them up.  Keep arms over head and twist almost like an overhead russian twist.  Each twist = 1 rep.

For the Opposit hand to toe reps you will be in that same overhead position and bring the right wrist to left toe - then switch.  Each toe touch counts - so it's 10 per side.

You are still holding the shirt etc for this.  Keep feet lifted off of the ground for the whole thing if you can.  If needed you can leave one leg on the ground while other comes up to meet wrist.