POWER 1.3.19

Bench Press (6 x 3)

For this you will do one set every 3 min and go up in weight each time.

Make sure that you don't count any warm up sets toward the total 6 sets.  Each of these should be heavy.  If you don't have a spot - be careful and choose a weight you know you can manage or switch to floor press!

For each rep you will have the hands just outside the width of the shoulders.  The goal would be to have the feet on the ground - heels down.  If you are short you might need to put some plates on the floor for your feet to be on.

Touch the sternum at the bottom of each rep - come all the way up to lock out for each rep.

Seesaw Press (5 x 10)

Rotating Single Arm Press with DBs or KBs - alternating sides.A seesaw press starts with a pair of dumbbells or kettle bells at the shoulder.

You will press one at a time to lock out getting the bicep by the ear at the top.  As you press you will rotate TOWARD the working arm and look up at the object.

Keep the legs strong and butt squeezed as your rotate from the waist.  Keep the belly pulled in tight and focus on not allowing any sort of lean back.  These are not for time - so move through them smoothly!!

As you lower the weight back down you will rotate back to neutral.  Alternate sides with each rep.

Rest as needed between sets.

Start light and go up if you feel comfortable.  These are more for quality than to go super heavy with.

MIranda AlcarazPower