OLY 1.13.19

Power Clean (7 x 3 (1-1-1))

So this will be 7 sets of 3 singles with 10 seconds rest between.  You will rest as needed between sets.

Do not count any warm up sets as part of it.  Make sure you are at a weight that is challenging for you before you count it toward those working sets.  Roughly 75-80% of your 1 rep max is a good gauge.

You can go up each set if you would like , or pick something challenging and stay.  If you are new to this movment, only go as heavy as allows for good movement.

For this movement the bar will start on the ground.  Feet will be about hip width apart and hands outside of the legs.  You will have a slight bend in the knee, heels down and chest up.  Pull the bar off of the ground by driving the heels down and lifting the chest.  Keep the arms long.  Once past the knees you will pick up speed and almost jump with the bar.

Think jump -shrug the shoulders - pull yourself under the bar into a partial front squat with the bar on the shoulders - elbows high.  Feet will move out - but should not go out any wider than your squat stance.  Stand to finish.

From here you can drop the bar - rest 10 seconds before the next rep.  Complete for 3 reps.

Clean Pull (5 x 2)

A clean pull is the first pull off of the ground, plus the hip extension and jump and shrug portion of the clean.  This teaches us to work on the powerful up portion of the movement.

For these reps you will do 5 sets of 2 clean pulls.  Rest as needed between sets.

You wil use the same weight as the heaviest set of 3 single power cleans you got on part A.

Really focus on good extension and a powerful up!  Hold those good positions!

MIranda AlcarazOLY