TUESDAY 1.15.19


2 Rounds for Time

30 Wall Balls
30 Burpees
30 Wall Balls
30 Pull Ups

RX Men: 20#ish Ball
RX Women: 13-15# ish Ball

RX +: Shoot for Under 15 Min. (In other words - go faster)

Ideal Ball Target Height is 9-10'

See below for low ceiling or no ball options.

Score: Total Time

Goal: Under 20 Min


O. M. G.

For the wall ball reps you will hold the ball at your chest with the elbows tucked in.  Feet are under the shoulders with the heels down.  Chest up and belly tight!  Reach the butt back and down.  Keep the heels down.  Drive the knees out.  Get the butt lower than the knees at the bottom.  No plopping or rounding!  Keep that chest up!  Drive through the legs and use that power to help you throw the ball!

When you catch it.  Catch first and then squat.

If you have low ceilings or no ball you can sub lightweight thrusters. We prefer either a single moderate weight dumbbell (like the video) or 2 light dumbbells/bar.

For the burpees you place your hands on the ground, jump or step your feet out, get your chest and thighs to the ground, jump or step your feet back in - stand up - JUMP and clap overhead!

You may sub knee push up burpees or even elevated burpees (good for prego mamas and for some injuries etc) if necessary!

More Wall Balls....

For the pull ups - it's only 60 which isn't a crazy amount but it's a big chunk in a row.  So, with that said - you want to choose a style where you can do at least 7-10 on that first set each time.  Good sub options if you aren't able to do pull ups efficiently yet are, jumping pull ups, banded pull ups, ring rows, or rows on a barbell in a rack, trx rows, seated band pull downs, or for this one a bent over row would work too.

If you want to do strict pull ups - cut the reps to 15.

Make sure you start with completely straight arms and pull the chin all of the way over or rings/bar to the chest for row variations.

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