AMRAP 12 Min

10 KB or DB Hang Clean and Press
20 DB Skip / Jump Overs

Idea Weight for Men:  30-50# KB or Single Dumbbell - OR - 15-25# Dumbbell Pair

Idea Weight for Women: 12-24# Kettlebell/Single Dumbbell - OR - 8-12 # Dumbbell Pair

Score: Total Number of Completed Rounds + Any Additional Reps

Goal: 6 Rounds +


For the hang clean and press you will start with the weight at your waist.  Hinge forward slightly at the hips but keep the chest lifted. Keep the heels down and bend the knees slightly.  Stand up hard and fast.  Shrug the shoulders.  Guide the dumbbell(s) to the shoulder/chest.  Move the face back and press overhead.  Keep belly tight.  Lock elbows and pull back over the middle of your body.

Lower back to the waist only (not all of the way to the ground).

For the hop/skip overs you can either face your dumbbell or jump laterally.  You can do a jump off both feet landing on both feet on the other side.  OR you can do more of a 1 foot at a time skip over.  Each jump/skip over = 1 Rep.

If you are unable to jump or skip you may sub low step ups!

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