7 Min EMOM
3 - 5 Jumping Bar or Ring Muscle UPs

Make these Pretty!!  YES - do jumping even if you already have this skill.

See video for multiple options.

Ok, so we want you to jump from a height that is difficult somewhat but REALLY allows you to practice good positions and good technique.

Bend the knees so that at the bottom the arms are straight.  Practice that kipping motion forward and back.  As you go back use your lats pressing down!  From that position use your legs but also pull down with the lats keeping the arms as straight as possible to bring your hips to the bar or rings.  Do a big sit up.

No score for this - we are going QUALITY over QUANTITY.

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

1 Strict Pull Up
1 Strict Dip
2 Strict Pull Ups
2 Strict Dips
3 Strict Pull Ups
3 Strict Dips...

Keep going up by 1

Score is Round where you completed both + any additional reps.

Goal is to get to at least 7-7

For this - the goal is PRETTY low.  Because if you CAN do these unassisted - go for it.

If you need a band assistance or to do slow negatives - that is ok too.

The MAIN priority with this one is full range of motion.  ALL of the way down at the bottom of the pull up - chin completely over at the top.

For the dips you can do stationary - ring - between 2 boxes - whatever. Dip the chest and shoulders forward and get the shoulder lower than the elbow at the bottom.  Lock out completely at the top.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

7 Min
30 Seconds ON
30 Seconds OFF

Shoot Thrus

RX + : No Touch in the Front

1 rep = Forward and Back

Score: Total Reps from the whole 7 min.

For these shoot thrus you will have the hands each on an elevated SOMETHING.  This can be 2 benches, 2 boxes, paralletes, 2 chairs, 2 stacks of plates - whatever.

You will start in the top of a push up position in a good hollow body position.  You will tuck the knees and swing forward and through to a straight leg/straight arm position with the feet out in front and the hips UP!

Then you will come back through to the original starting position.  All of that is 1 rep.

For RX+ you will not allow your feet to touch in the front.  You still need to kick your legs to completely straight though.  See demo for details on that one.