5 Rounds
20 Reverse Inside Lunges with Dumbbells
20 Jumping Lunges no weight
20 Russian Swings

Rest 2 Min between rounds

These aren't necessarily for time, but no rest between movements.

Score is weight used for Reverse Inside Lunges.

For the reverse inside lunges you will step back and across the front leg.  See video if confused.  Try not to allow the hips to rotate too crazy and keep the front foot facing forward with the heel down.  Get a good deep lunge with the butt getting lower than the knee at the bottom.  Alternate legs each time.  Dumbbells will be held in each hand.

For the swings you may swing the 2 dumbbells or may pick up a kb.  Keep the back flat and the heels down. Arms are long and straight and simply squeeze the butt to stand up.  Weight only needs to come to eye level.

Put the weight down for the jumping lunges.  Do not slam your back knee to the ground.  Drive off of the front heel and alternate feet with each lunge.

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

4 Rounds
2 Min On
1 Min Off

8 Russian Twists
4 Weighted Sit Ups

Use same weight for both.

Each time is basically a 2 min AMRAP for this.

The russian twists are with the weight held in both hands, the butt and feet on the ground but the shoulders up.  You will twist and touch the weight to the ground on the ground to your side - then the other side.  Each time the weight touches counts as a rep (so 4 per side).

For the sit ups you will touch the ground behind you with the weight and sit all of the way up with it bringing it over head!