OLY 8.12.18

Thruster (6 x 3 Building)

For these sets you may take the bar from the ground or from a rack.  If you take the bar from the ground - it is acceptable to do a squat clean straight into your first thruster.  It is also ok for you to do a power clean and then go into your first thruster.

You will rest 2 min or so between sets.  The goal is to go heavier for each one.

For the thruster specifically - the bar will start on your shoulders.  You will want to maintain somewhat of a grip, but allow it to loosen to get the elbows as high as possible.  Hands are just outside of the shoulders.  The feet are shoulder width apart with the weight in the heels.  Before descending into the squat you will want to thin about tightening the belly - lifting the chest and lifting the elbows.

To squat you will reach the butt back and down as you dig your heels into the floor and drive your knees out.  Keep the chest and the elbows UP - don't allow the weight to pull you forward.  Keep that belly tight.  The goal is to get the butt below the knee at the bottom with out shifting onto the toes, caving the knees, or collapsing through the back.

From this bottom position you will drive through the heels and lead with the chest and the elbows to come up!  You will want to stand up hard and fast so when you finish the up with the hips and legs the bar has momentum and becomes somewhat weightless off of the shoulder.

From here you will move your face out of the way.  Keep your belly tight and squeeze your butt.  Press the bar straight up to lock out overhead with the bar over the middle of your body!

When lowering absorb with the knees and lead with the elbows.  If it's a weight you can control you can take that right into the next thruster.  Once it's heavy for you, you may need to lower to the shoulder and then re-set a bit.

These are meant to be unbroken sets of 3 reps without dropping or racking the bar.

Barbell Hip Thrusts (Single Leg 5 x 8 (each side))

Can be done on a bench or stack of plates should work too.For this movement you will have the bar or you could even use a sandbag or something else in the crease of the hips.  Your shoulders should be on a bench or box (something around 15-20").

You will bend one knee and plant the heel.  The other leg will remain straight.  By pressing down with the heel and squeezing the cheeks you will raise the hips - working on one leg only.  Leg that is straight does not assist.

If you need to - you can even do these unweighted.

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