POWER 7.1.18

Bench Press (7 x 3 + 9 Push Ups)

For this you will complete 3 Bench Press and then immediately get on the ground and do 9 BEAUTIFUL push ups.  Build up that stamina after blasting the strength.  It might seem too easy - until it's not.

You will rest exactly 2 min between sets.

Before you unrack the bar you will pull the shoulders back and down.  We would like to see your heels on the ground and your butt in contact with your bench.  Hands should be outside of the shoulders but not too wide.  When lowering the bar keep it in control.  Touch the chest with the bar and then drive up to complete lock out each time.

If you are benching alone do not use a weight that you are uncertain of and definitely have the bar with no clips in case you need to dump it!

If you don't have a rack you may of course sub dumbbell bench or even floor press or floor dumbbell press.

Bent Over Dumbbell Row (3 x failure)

Dumbbell in each hand in the Bent Over Row position.  Start over hand and rotate to underhand as you pull the dumbbells to the ribs with the elbows back.

Use a weight that will allow you to get at least 8-10 but not more than 20.  This should be true for all 3 sets so change weight as you go if necessary.

Rest as needed between sets.

MIranda AlcarazPower