OLY 7.1.18


Before getting into the overhead squatting and everything today hit the Bodyweight warm up and the Overhead Warm Up in the Members Only Section of the website!

Metcon (Weight)

Every 3 Min for 18 Min

3 Snatch Grip Behind Neck Push Press
2 Overhead Squats
1 Snatch Balance

Go light - start with empty bar even - unless you are extremely comfortable and confident in these movements!

Score is heaviest set.

Think about this one as technique work for most of us unless you are already extremely comfortable in these movements.  Start even with an empty bar if you need to - and stay there if you have trouble keeping good squat positions or a good shoulder position.

The bar will start on your back with hands in a wide (overhead squat grip).  Think of lifting the chest and rotating the elbows under the bar.  Dip by keeping the chest up and heels down as the knees come slightly forward. Drive the power from the legs and hips into the bar.  Make sure the head is out of the way and press the bar straight up to lock out.  In that overhead position you want to have the armpits FORWARD - think about rotating your pinky into the bar and - pulling your shoulder blades IN and pressing UP!  Belly tight - squeeze the cheeks!

FOR ALL OF THESE - WHEN LOWERING THE BAR ONTO THE BACK - ABSORB WITH THE KNEES!  LOWER ONTO THE TRAPS AND NOT YOUR NECK!  Pro tip - wear a shirt so it doesn't slide on your sweaty skin.

After the last push press you will keep the bar up and perform 2 overhead squats.

To do this you will keep pressing up into the bar as you reach your butt back and down.  Make sure your feet are now in your squat stance with your heels down.  Focus on driving the knees out, keeping the chest up!  THe bar will have to be pulled slightly behind your head as you go down to keep it over the middle of your foot.  Keep pressing up as you pull it back.  Ideally get the butt lower than the knees at the bottom if possible.  If you need to shorten range of motion slightly - that is ok for today.  Do what you need to do to keep good positions

Stand by driving through the heels and pressing up!

The snatch balance is that same dip but instead of pushing the bar UP you will push yourself down into that overhead squat position.  Stand to complete!

Metcon (No Measure)

Glute Hamstring Raise

3-5 Sets

8-12 Reps

Can be done on a GHD or with a buddy holding your feet on the ground!  See video for hamstring curl modification.

There is no reason to add weight to these.

Glute Hamstring Raise or GHR is one of Julian's favorite movements.  It really isolates the hamstrings, just make sure you are warmed up before doing these.

If you are unable to lift UP you may not go all of the way to parallel or just do the down portion of the movement.

Whether you are in a GHD or kneeling on the ground you will work to keep the hips open.  Do this by squeezing the butt and not allowing your torso to hinge forward. Ideally all movement will come from the knee joint.

Keep the belly tight and fight against overextending as you come up.  If you need to you can use a little assistance with a press up with the arms off of the floor if you are doing the floor version.

If doing on the GHD try to fight going lower than parallel to the ground.  Make sure the feet are in the rollers and think about doing a giant hamstring curl to bring yourself up.

MIranda AlcarazOLY